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Additional information

As we told you in the email, we would like to receive some extra information about yourself and your motivation to come and work at Emile Thuiszorg. On the basis of this information, we will determine whether you are invited to a job interview (round 3). If so, the extra information also gives us an idea of who we will be sitting with during the job interview and helps us prepare the interview well. Please make sure to complete the questions below no later than one day after completing the first application form.

1. General information

2. School & study

3. Work experience & Emile Thuiszorg

4. Availability

*When you start working at Emile, you will build up your clients until you work the prefered number of hours. You have to work with at least 2 clients, which often amounts to about 4 hours a week. The average Emiler works about 6-8 hours a week.

5. A little more about yourself

6. Other

Thank you for completing this form!