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Application form

Thank you for applying with us! 

We are growing at a rapid pace, so we are constantly looking for new people to join us. You can apply for the position of "wijkverpleeghulp" using this form. After completing this form, you will receive additional questions from us. With the answers you provide, we will determine whether you can come for an interview and if so, it is helpful for us to already have an idea of ​​who we will be sitting in front of us during the interview. You will receive a message from us within a week after your application.  When you are invited for an interview, the mentor of the neighborhood team you are applying for will call/email you.  If you have not received a message within a week, please send an email to info@emile.nu and we will immediately check whether the application has been received properly. Good luck! Oh, and good to know, the salary of a "wijkverpleeghulp" starts from 14 euros.

For which city do you want to apply?
Will you be studying for at least 2 years from now?
Can you work with us for at least 2 years from now?

General information

How did you find out about us?

Study & school



At Emile, we want to provide the best care, in new and innovative ways. To make this happen, new employees follow the Academile before they start working. This starts with a one-day training where you will learn the skills and competences you need.

I am aware that before I can start working, I have to follow a training day on Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00. This training day will be scheduled as soon as you are accepted.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire! We will contact you within 7 days!